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Geographical Information System (GIS) Services

The consultation and project services of Genus Tech are very diversified in its nature from project needs assessment, geo-spatial data collection, migration & digitization, enterprise Geodatabase designing, web GIS development, spatial analysis and trainings. Our team of geo-spatial technologies has extensive years of experience in planning, designing and successful implementation of small, medium and large enterprise level nationally and internationally projects.

Genus Tech sought its existence subsequent to the onset of thriving applications pertinent to the geo-spatial technologies involving Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing, Digital Image Processing, Digital Elevation Model (DEM), and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). It skilled professionals with a spectrum of achievements to their credit in the field. The team grew out of a strong academic setting and every member possesses a scientific approach towards deciphering the relevant problem and suggesting the requisite solution. GENUS believes in exploiting state-of-the-art geo-spatial tools and techniques for achieving the goals.  

We are providing highly professional geo-spatial services in the following areas:

  • Enterprise Geodatabase Setup and Implementation
  • Custom Web GIS and Mobile Application Development
  • Cadastral GIS Mapping Information System
  • Geo-Spatial Urban and Rural Planning
  • Geo-Spatial Approach for Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Utility Networks Planning and Management.
  • Geo-Spatial for Road Assets Management Systems
  • Land Use / Land Cover Planning and Management
  • Agriculture Planning and Monitoring
  • Water Resource Management
  • Poverty Reduction GIS Mapping 
  • Environmental Planning and Assessment using GIS
  • Crime GIS Mapping and Analysis
  • Forest Planning and Monitoring using GIS
  • Geological Geo-Spatial Mapping
  • Census GIS Planning and Automation

GENUS specialize in providing GIS support such as acquisition, analysis, and production of spatial data for public as well as private sector organizations. Our core expertise is surveying, rectification, data manipulation, GIS structure and development of high quality online dynamic or static maps. 

Enterprise Geodatabase Setup and Implementation

GENUS has highly professional team who successfully implemented National and International level Enterprise Geodatabase infrastructure setup to store large datasets. It helps organizations to efficiently design and manage the storage, data integrity, set data rules & relationship, versioning, replication, and to provide seamless, organization-wide, multiuser editing of geospatial data services. We also have extensive experience in CAD to Geodatabase data conversion, preparation of 3D GIS system and its integration with SCADA. 

Custom Web GIS and Mobile Application Development

GENUS developers specializes in creating web GIS and mobile applications using ESRI ArcGIS for Server & open source software to meet the requirements and cost affective mobile apps using Android & ESRI ArcPad.

Cadastral GIS Mapping Information System

Cadastral mapping is decision support and future oriented system. GENUS experts have applied geo-spatial technology by converting manual to digital maps. The land system implements a legal framework which ensures security, easy access to land records under specific authorization and results in a step towards Land Record Modernization.  It provides the base line information up to the root level for individuals, families, and villages.

Utility Networks Planning and Management

Geo-information of utility networks for any organization has great importance to manage related data with a geographic component and allows managing electric, gas, pipeline, telecommunication, water/wastewater integrity and efficiency. Geo-spatial is an efficient approach to maintain and operate utility networks components.   It helps to plan your routine and preventative maintenance, emergency maintenance, and various inspection activities. 

Geo-Spatial for Road Assets Management Systems

GENUS team has extensive experience in Road Management System using geo-spatial technologies. We have years of experience to develop Road Geodatabase network layers, Right of Way (ROW) mapping, satellite imagery, Road Inventory survey, CAD drawings conversion, network analysis, integration of various survey road database and visualization of road information using Web GIS portal.  

Land Use / Land Cover Planning and Management

Our urban planning team has extensive experience and scientific approach to analyze and implement services for regional to national land use and land cover classification system for accurate planning and decision making process.

Natural Resources Planning and Management

GENUS experts provide right information to manage and plan natural resources on scientific basis by adopting advanced geo-spatial technologies. 

Agriculture Planning and Monitoring

GENUS has agriculturist and soil experts who spatial study soil data and determine: What is the type of soil? What are the best crops to plant? How to maintain nutrition levels for specific crops? It is geo-spatially integrated and widely accepted by government and community to manage programs that are environment friendly and supporting farmers.

Environmental Planning and Assessment using GIS

Almost all public health engineering services such as sewerage management, drinking water, drainage are mapped geo-graphically to retrieve required information at single click. GIS plays key role in monitoring the environment more efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Crime GIS Mapping and Analysis

Enforcement bodies like police or investigating agencies can be aided tremendously through GIS Solution. Entire map of the command area can be viewed analyzed the particular incidents and crime rate on computer screen by analyzing various crime indicators.

Forest Planning and Monitoring using GIS

GIS provide crucial information about forest resources and their management, for example, management of ecosystem, recording and updating forest inventories, harvest estimation and planning, landscape and habitat planning. 

Geological Geo-Spatial Mapping

Approximately 80% data of Oil and Gas industry has a spatial component that is used at every stage of the life-cycle, beginning with opportunity of geological analysis and exploration, through appraisal and production. Geo-Informatics can help in understanding and analyzing geographic information using thematic and micro maps, it lets you integrate raster images, CAD drawing, scanned image files to discover new wells for drilling, and also route a pipeline.

Census GIS Planning and Automation

The socio-economic information of any city is obtained efficiently from population census data and it will be more sophisticated, authentic and scientific if carried out through geo-spatial technologies. GENUS experts have years of experience in Census Planning and Operation using Geo-spatial technologies. 

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